Thursday, December 22, 2022

Hyperloop TT


The HyperloopTT is High speed public transportation system between far end stations. The system aims to reduce the transportation time by half and with economic transportation fare.

The HyperloopTT system has a low implementation cost compared to other high-speed transportation methods. As a civil infrastructure project covering long distances, there will be segments that are above ground, at grade, and below ground, optimizing to meet unique local conditions.

 HLTT is bringing Signaling logics into the cloud can create a more reliable, sustainable and long-lasting system for capsules that will travel as fast as planes\

By replacing the capabilities of complex physical equipment with cloud-based software, the solution offers greater reliability, greater flexibility in deployment, cuts maintenance costs and is more sustainable. The simulator can also help to make HyperloopTT more efficient by automating repetitive tasks and detecting and managing potential disruptions, instead of reacting to events as they occur.

Signaling technology, to simulate the regulation and control of capsules moving at very high speeds. ERTMS has the benefit of being used and recognized internationally, making it highly interoperable, thereby allow HyperloopTT systems to operate safely across the world without the need to create new standards.

Having completed the simulation model the next step in the process would be to digitally integrate both the signaling infrastructure and the cloud-based model for the physical capsules. This would open the door to moving to physical testing of the whole system at HyperloopTT test track in Toulouse.

Hitachi Rail and HyperloopTT have achieved an important milestone towards the commercial running of the innovative system – that will be able to run at speeds of up to 1,200km/h – with the completion of proof of concept for a cloud-based ERTMS signaling system for HyperloopTT capsules.

Hitachi Rail's digital signaling technology is used in the USA & Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia to help safely move millions of passengers every day.

Hitachi Rail and HLTT partnership allows to evolve best-in-class signaling and automation systems and to customize it for HyperloopTT super high-speed transport. We are excited about this achievement and are looking ahead to the next stage of the programmed.”

the objective is to integrate hyperloop’s capsule traveling system with Hitachi Rail’s industry-leading signaling technology, ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). Hitachi Rail is a global industry leader in digital signaling for high-speed rail and is the first provider to introduce ERTMS technology in Europe – in the UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and France – and in the highly competitive markets of China and India.

The Core technology behind high-speed transportation is Magnetic Levitation. The System incorporates with this technology includes,


1. Capsule

In a size similar to a small commercial aircraft without wings, hyperloop’s pressurized capsules float on a frictionless magnetic cushion within the tubes.

Our capsules are engineered and designed for ultra-high speeds using cutting-edge composite materials and safety features. HyperloopTT developed a Vibranium™, smart material with sensors embedded between carbon-fiber, fuselage skin to monitor and transmit critical information regarding temperature, stability and integrity, all wirelessly and instantly.



The HyperloopTT system has a low implementation cost compared to other high-speed transportation methods. As a civil infrastructure project covering long distances, there will be segments that are above ground, at grade, and below ground, optimizing to meet unique local conditions.

The HyperloopTT system reduces the environmental cost of a large-scale infrastructure project by integrating solar panels and other renewable energy sources to create a net energy positive system that aims to generate more energy than it utilizes. The harnessing of renewable energy also lowers operational costs. The system operates in a low-pressure, fully enclosed environment, eliminating traditional hazards from weather and traffic crossings, significantly improving efficiency and reliability.



The future is now boarding

Our station is designed around the passenger. Every moment along the HyperloopTT journey is engineered to deliver a frictionless experience with digital ticketing, biometric check-in, wayfinding, and an on-demand boarding system.

HyperloopTT stations are specifically designed for local environments. A transit-oriented development, the station integrates existing first and last-mile solutions, while creating a dynamic space where passengers can access goods, on-demand services and experiences. Stations are designed as community hubs that reflect the local culture and provide significant value to surrounding neighborhoods and passengers.



A whole new atmosphere

The low-pressure environment inside the tube is achieved through a specially designed HyperloopTT vacuum unit. Co-developed with Leybold, the inventor of the vacuum pump, the unit fits within a standard shipping container to offer a plug-and-play solution. The system is optimized to achieve and maintain low pressure in the tubes while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing operational uptime. The containers will be located along the route every 6.2 miles.

With the air inside the tube drastically reduced, the capsule can achieve high speeds with less energy consumption.


5.Levitation (Passive Magnetic Levitation)

Elevating transport

Our proprietary passive magnetic levitation technology called Inductrack™ is a game-changer for high-speed transportation. The magnets are arranged in a Halbach array configuration, enabling capsule levitation over an unpowered but conductive track. As capsules move through the low-pressure environment, they use very little energy on route thanks to the reduced drag forces.

Should there ever be a power failure, the capsule will automatically slow down and settle on its auxiliary wheels at low speed. The Inductrack™ system was tested and validated on a full-scale passive levitation track. HyperloopTT then improved the technology and optimized it for a low-pressure environment through testing in our prototype.


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